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Moni Toplo¨,

is indeed a small history jewel kept with great care, beautiful courtyards in ancient stone, adorned with large bloomed bouganvillee and traditional vases.


The monastery conserve

the name given by the Turks

"Topl¨ Monastir"

that is

"Monastery of the guns"

and this because in the age

of the Venetian domination it was one of the greater fortifications of the island of Crete.


Its true name, which is not used any more, is

"Moný Panagýa Akrotirianý ",

that is "Monastery of the Virgin of the Cape".


It ĺs a name that indicates well the geographic position, in fact is situated on the

hills that dominate the extreme north-east of Crete that ends with Cape Sidero.


The foundation of the monastery is thought goes back to the XIV Century, of that age remains only the Katholik˛n that comprises a church, still used for the functions of the Orthodox Christian Liturgy, whose vaults are frescoed (but unfortunately in really bad condition) with scenes drawn from the Gospels; very interesting and well kept instead is a

beautiful gallery of various sacred vestments and icons in Bizantine style among which there is one of particular importance, dated 1770, by the title "MŔgas Kyrie" (Great is the Lord) of the Cretan

painter IoÓnnis KornÓros (1745-1796), which is considered one of the greatest and most representative  works of art in Crete, for this type of Sacred Art.


Of interest also the visit to the near museum coves and to the church, featuring a collection of holy texts in archaic and Latin Greek and of miniatures, prints, cartographies besides to some weapons and war remains of various historical ages, in a separate room, that witness the hard fights that have interested in the centuries this area of Crete (at the

point that in the XVI century Moni Toplo¨ was reconstructed and fortified with 10 meters high walls), in this room stands out also a great blue flag with white cross and embroidered image of the Virgin, is the flag of the Cretan revolt of June 1821

against the Ottoman domination (1669-1898), it is therefore the first draft, the prototype, of the flag that today we all know as the symbol of the Greek nation, white cross and stripes on blue background.

The museum is opened to visitors every day and the entrance fee is approximately 4 euro per person, please pay attention because it is prohibited to take photos inside the church and the museum rooms.


At the entrance of the monastery you will find a bar that it works also as a tavern with the traditional dishes of the Cretan Cuisine, its beautiful bower of grape deserves a refreshing stop.

Moni Toplo¨ can be reached in about 45 minutes from Xerocampos, the direction is towards Zakros, Palekastro, straight on the road to Sitia, until the crossroad, well indicated, that leads to the monastery.

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Versione in italiano   Greek version   German version   Version franšaise

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