This exemplary of

bearded vulture,

very rare and difficult to see

in coastal areas like Xerocampos,

 was a welcomed guest for a

few days in mid-September,

on the verandas of the

Aktý Studios .


His presence here

was probably linked to

some difficulties

the animal had in flight

so that he was not able

to reach the highest peaks of the mountains of Crete,

his natural habitat.


But he had the good fortune

of being "adopted"

by tourists and

the owners of the property,

who "fed" him steaks!


He was then taken by the Forest Guard and

led to Heraklion

for treatment and rehabilitation.

In the picture: Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus)

Common name: Griffon vulture

Family: Accipitridae

Order: Falconiformes

Class: Birds (Aves)

Wingspan: 160 to 180 cm

We thank Jerry and Jill Bond for sending us this photograph taken during their vacation at Xerocampos.

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