"Small recipe book of traditional cuisine"


in the way of Sitia

 (Easter sweets)


for the pastry



2 kg flour

2 glasses of olive oil


6 eggs

2 glasses of sugar


50 gr of yeast

½ cup of milk


for the filling



2 Kg of sweet buttermilk curd


2 egg yolks

1 glass of sugar





We dilute the yeast in the lukewarm milk; we add some of the flour and we leave the dough to rise. In the meantime we pour the olive oil in a bowl and we mix it with the sugar.


We then add the whipped eggs and the dough, we add the remaining flour and we work it well.


We leave it a few minutes to rise and in the meantime we prepare the filling, mixing together well all the ingredients.


We spread the pastry about ½ centimetre thick; we cut rounds the size of a tea saucer, we place some of the filling in the centre and since the kallitsounia should be square, we fold the opposite ends toward the centre making a small bundle.


We leave them rise for a couple of hours, we brush them with an egg whipped with some lemon juice, we dust them with the cinnamon and we cook them in the oven. Let them golden.

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