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1a - Name and surname of the renter/1st driver

1b - Name and surname of the 2nd driver (also included in the price)

1c - Address of the renter

1d - Local contact

1e - Passport number

1e - Driver's license number


Identification code of the branch or office renting the vehicle under this agreement


3a - Model

3b - Registration nr

3c - Rental start date/time

3d - Rental end date/time

3e - Kilometers out (data not reported since this contract is with unlimited mileage)

3f - Kilometers in (data not reported since this contract is with unlimited mileage)

3g - Check out rental office

3h - Check in rental office

3i - Gasoline out (usually the vehicle is provided with a quarter of the tank, but for night arrivals or on request of the renter the level may be increased)

3l - Gasoline in (the renter is asked to return the car with the same level marked at the previous point 3i)


4a - Daily net charge

4b - Total net charge

4c - Vat tax 24%

4d - Total (payable in cash upon collection of the vehicle)

4e - deposit amount if any (not required in this contract)

4f - balance missing (not required due to the previous point 4e)

4g - additional amount for payment by credit card (to be agreed case by case)


5 - Insurance policies normally included in this rental agreement

5a - Full coverage insurance (SCDW) which covers the renter from all damage as long as they are not derived from violations of the Greek Traffic Code or caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

5b - Theft insurance (T.P.)

5c - Fire insurance (F.D.W.)

5d - Personal insurance against accidents (the so-called PAI covering the driver and passengers for hire cars always with coverage amounts conform to European regulations and adjusted annually) and insurance for damages to wheels and under the car (FDW) of the vehicle hired but only if occured on asphalt roads (we point out and emphasize that no insurance in Crete covers any damage caused by driving on dirt roads, even for cars of 4x4 type, is also not covered the loss of starter keys)


6/7 - Insurance policies commonly used in Crete but absolutely not used in this rental contract

6 - Full insurance coverage (full insurance) that covers the damage on the car but with the following excesses, which remain borne by the renter for the first 1.000 euro

7 - Simple insurance coverage that covers only the damage to third parties and leaves to the responsibility of the renter any damage caused to the rented vehicle


Remarks and notes


9a - I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this rental agreement

9b - Note: I the renter declare that I do not wish to have a helmet for my own reasons and on my own responsability

9c - Seller's signature

9d - Receiver's signature

9e - Additional driver's signature

9f - Renter's signature

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